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Jiayu News

We have to choose good quality fitness equipment wire rope
In the steel market, the price of fitness equipment wire ropes provided by different suppliers varies greatly.
Two kinds of pretension of zinc aluminum alloy steel wire rope
There are two commonly used pre-tension methods for zinc-aluminum alloy steel wire ropes: online pre-tension of zinc-aluminum alloy steel wire ropes and offline pre-tension of zinc-aluminum alloy steel wire ropes.
The structure and specifications of the fitness equipment wire rope we often recommend
The port of the fitness equipment wire rope is used for the purpose of use. The recommended fitness equipment wire rope structure is 8*36WS+IWR, 8*31WS+IWR, 6*36WS+IWR.
Why is the spinning machine wire rope easy to break?

As a supplier of textile machinery wire ropes, we must reasonably configure durable, high-quality textile machinery wire ropes for customers. It is very important to establish a long-term customer trust mechanism.

Special fitness equipment wire rope

The material of the fitness equipment wire rope is similar to other industries. The special revolving fitness equipment wire rope is usually manufactured by a special process.

What is the relay in the zinc aluminum alloy steel wire rope equipment?

The relay in the zinc-aluminum alloy steel wire rope equipment is composed of an iron core, a copper coil and a reed with contacts.

Deformation problem of fitness equipment wire rope
Regarding the lifting of the fitness equipment wire rope, the customer consulted about the failure of deformation.
What is the pretension of zinc aluminum alloy steel wire rope
In the process of using the ropeway, the zinc-aluminum alloy steel wire rope will have an elongated structure, friction wheels, hoists with multiple ropes in mines, elevators and elevator engineering equipment. This extension will cause a lot of trouble.
Special steel wire rope
Speaking of special stranded spinning machine wire ropes, we are not surprised that special strands have many advantages compared with ordinary spinning machine wire ropes.

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About us
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Jiangyin Jiayu Spinning machine Equipment Co., LTD. Is a professional company engaged in research, development and production of Steel Wire rope covering. Over the years, the company has been committed to the principles of Steel wire rope used in fitness equipment, textile machinery, automobile and other industries. Adopting the processing technology of equipment imported from Rijin Port, we have developed and produced Steel wire rope series containing oil successively, so as to make the products' anti-fatigue strength and wear resistance.

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